Theatre Judaica – The Art of Living Midrash

Link to the voices of our ancestral family…

Our Biblical texts are endlessly fascinating and full of surprises.  We continue to study them generation after generation.  We can explore those voices, and hear our own resonate in their stories.  We can weave the threads of our lives into a meaningful understanding of our tradition through Theatre Judaica:  the Art of Living Midrash.

Theatre Judaica is an opportunity to experience interactive Torah study and deepen the relationship between those who are in the Bible and those who read about them.

Theatre Judaica offers  a wide range of program options, tailored to various settings and audiences, including

  • one time, two-hour sessions
  • Shabbat afternoon
  • 4-5 sessions within a Shabbaton
  • multi-faith or inter-denomination gathering, conference,
  • Scholar-in-residence

Contact Anita Silvert for more information about bringing Theatre Judaica to you.    847-302-1155

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