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Bo: Everyone is included

I have a teacher that lifts up the Torah text to the class and says, “We don’t live by this book.  We live by the commentary to this book.”  And he’s right; we don’t make the offerings in Leviticus, we … Continue reading

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Shelach L’cha: The silver thread that binds

There is a silver string on the front of my tallit (prayer shawl), tied onto the tzitzit, the fringes.    I can’t remember how long it’s been there, but it started with a campaign from the Women of the Wall,.  It’s … Continue reading

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Passover 2013: Standing at the Wall of Liberation

I started leading women’s Seders about 25 years ago, and I was late to the table, so to speak.  My sister Jan Salzman, who is now a rabbi, got our family started with a homemade Haggadah, and my two sisters … Continue reading

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Shemot: They came to pray

Good morning class and welcome to Civil Disobedience, 1:15 (Exodus chapter) , or as the saying goes, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Today we meet two of those uppity women, Shifra and Puah, Hebrew midwives during the time of the … Continue reading

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Vayera: Speaking truth and questioning the power

Speaking truth to power takes chutzpah. Questioning that the power really resides in who you’re speaking to takes it to a whole other level. In this week’s parasha, Abraham speaks truth to God. God has decided to destroy Sodom and … Continue reading

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