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Every Tuesday I meet with about a dozen wise and remarkable women to discuss, learn, engage, struggle and study Torah. You can be part of the class, too….comment!

Not Vayishlach: Thanksgiving

I’m taking a break from cooking, preparing for a very joyous weekend.  We’re expanding the joy beyond Thanksgiving, given that my aunt is turning 90 this weekend, all the cousins and cousins’ children are coming into town, (most are staying … Continue reading

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Get in touch with God, turn your radio on

It was so good to get back to our class this morning, and this time we actually made it past the first word, Vayikra.  And as is proper, we re-introduced ourselves to Rashi, to see what he had to say … Continue reading

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Rituals – holy or wholly?

As often happens with our Kaftor v’Ferach group (that’s what we named ourselves….long story), we almost didn’t get further than the first word in the book…..Vayikra, being called.  And, as always happens, we generate more questions than answers!  One that … Continue reading

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Tuesdays with….Torah

Today was a good day.  I got back to my parenthesis.  During the school year, there are two parentheses in my week, times when the rest of the world is shut out and I relish the caress between the curves.  … Continue reading

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