About Anita

Anita has a few facets to her, too.  Folk musician, singer/songwriter, recording artist and producer.  Teacher of Judaic studies, Biblical texts, weekly Shabbat parasha thoughts.  Student of Judaism, Biblical thought, Contemporary Jewish ideas, (“you need a big desk to study Torah”).  Limmud volunteer.  Politician’s daughter and community thinker.  NPR listener and member for decades, and she won the limerick challenge on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!”, meaning she does indeed have Carl Kassel’s voice for her home answering machine.    Actress, director, playwright, impassioned musical theater-goer.  Wife, mom, daughter, sister, cousin and friend…  There is a reason “teach” and “learn” are linked in Hebrew – they are two sides of the same coin that Anita flips over every day.

4 Responses to About Anita

  1. karen says:

    Good D’var Torah Anita. I am going to share your site with the Rosh Chodesh group I started in La Crosse.

  2. leahsinger says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and for that fantastic tip on freezing latkes! I had no idea! I’ll be back to your site soon.

  3. You certainly are a multi-faceted person. Who would know from sitting across the table from you yesterday all that you are?


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