Leave no one behind

Years ago, I started going up to the Great Lakes Naval Base to lead Friday night services for the recruits. They came from all backgrounds; some came because they were Jewish. Some came because it was something to do on a Friday night with a little bit of freedom outside bootcamp. Some came because their buddies were coming. Didn’t matter.

It was the week of Parashat Noah. We did a quick, but deep “dive” (get it?) into the story, and here’s what stuck with me. They had no problem with the instructions Noah gave. They honored the “chain of command”, i.e. God to Noah. Their biggest problem was leaving people behind, outside the ark, the ones they couldn’t save. That was the hardest thing to follow through on. That went against what they were trained to do.

What’s the hardest thing for you to come to terms with in this story?

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