Chanukah 2015 – 6th candle

Years ago I found an article in the Chicago Jewish News that laid out eight gifts for Chanukah, none of which cost a thing.  I don’t know the author;  I wish I did.  But for at least a decade, our children have heard one of these every night, in no particular order.  Sometimes it was the only gift they got, but even if there was something to unwrap, they got these gifts first.

Tonight, the gift of FREEDOM

chanukah 6Freedom within boundaries that stretch as you’ve gotten older.  Freedom within guidelines you can keep using as you’ve matured.  This gift seemed to have come in painfully measured doses.  But by the time you have become an adult, or close to it, and out in the world of unlimited independence, you will know how to use it, and how to be true to your own standards.

Chag orim sameach;  Happy Chanukah and Shabbat Shalom!

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