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Not Vayishlach: Thanksgiving

I’m taking a break from cooking, preparing for a very joyous weekend.  We’re expanding the joy beyond Thanksgiving, given that my aunt is turning 90 this weekend, all the cousins and cousins’ children are coming into town, (most are staying … Continue reading

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Vayetzei: A better emoji

Sometimes people just don’t get it. Consider Rachel and Jacob in this week’s parasha, Vayetzei.  Jacob has married both Leah (unintentionally) and her sister Rachel, the one he wanted to marry in the first place.  Jacob, we know, loves Rachel, … Continue reading

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Toldot: Inquiring of God

There are a times when a mother doesn’t need any kind of intermediary to ask for help.  Hagar didn’t need one when she was watching her son Ishmael die in the wilderness after having been sent away by Abraham, at … Continue reading

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