Pesach 5775 – our history and our future


It’s hours before Seder, and I’m finally getting to this page.  Apologies, but it’s been a long week, preparation, cooking, cleaning, and oh yes, cooking.

Still I wanted to take a few minutes to put some thoughts down.  This year, we have almost all adults at the table (ok, one 2 year old), and it got me thinking about the afikomen…how do we address the afikomen as adults?

Rather than hiding and finding, presents and such, I started thinking about brokenness – and how to mend.  What keeps us broken?  What do we need to heal?  What do we need to mend and be whole, so we can continue on with our meal and our lives?

I think there is a lot of brokenness in the world  Our community is ripped apart – it was most evident throughout this last election season in Israel.  And again with the Iranian negotiations. And again as elections come here within the year.

Is it always about politics?

Well, I guess it’s because they reflect our values and how we act on them.  But at least for now, at least for tonight, let us find our redemption story one that joins us together.  Let our voices cry out against oppression and slavery as they did so long ago.  Our cries reached God’s ears – may they do so again.

Let our voices sing the words of praise and gratitude for our good fortune, and awareness for those who have less.

Let our voices rejoice at our blessings.  Let our hearts and our tables be filled with the faces of those we love.  Let us begin our journey to Sinai together, marching out into our own wilderness, hoping to find the way.

What other story lends itself to such meaning and layers?  It is both our history and our future.

Chag sameach – Happy and Sweet Passover to us all.

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  1. mimijk says:

    Chag Sameach Anita…

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