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Acharei Mot: Live

Acharei Mot, this week’s parasha, has a whole lot in it, and a lot of it is sex, sex, and more sex.  Who you can, but mostly who you can’t. But that’s not what drew my attention this week.  It’s … Continue reading

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Tazria Metzora: A good friend and wine

Nobody likes Tazria Metzora.  It’s all about dead animals and dead skin, eruptions and discolorations.  It’s not a pretty parasha.   There’s this hard-to-fathom concept of being unclean and malignant eruptions that a priest has to come and observe, and then … Continue reading

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Sh’mini: Creation in Leviticus?

Think about the fact that the Torah was originally a heard, not read, set of stories and instructions.  Good storytellers use all sorts of techniques to make sure their stories are remembered and retold.  One of those ways is a … Continue reading

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Passover Shabbat: Carving our own tablets

Take two.  Tablets, that is. This weekend we take a moment out of the regular Shabbat cycle, which puts us in Leviticus, and instead we move back to Exodus 33/34.  In and among the verses is the connection to Passover, … Continue reading

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Pesach 5775 – our history and our future

It’s hours before Seder, and I’m finally getting to this page.  Apologies, but it’s been a long week, preparation, cooking, cleaning, and oh yes, cooking. Still I wanted to take a few minutes to put some thoughts down.  This year, … Continue reading

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