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Chanukah 2014 First night

Years ago I found an article in the Chicago Jewish News that laid out eight gifts for Chanukah, none of which cost a thing.  I don’t know the author;  I wish I did.  But for at least a decade, our … Continue reading

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Vayeshev: Calling out the guilty

  Don’t stand idly by the blood of your brother. Lo ta’amod adam re’acha. Lev. (19:16) Yes, I know we’re not in Leviticus, but that’s what this parasha, Vayeshev, reminds me of. That’s exactly what Jacob’s sons did- they stood … Continue reading

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Vayishlach: Lives matter

There are times when you just look at the violence, and try to understand the thinking behind it. And you come up with …..nothing. It’s Thursday already, and I’m just getting this blog out. Once again, the Torah and the … Continue reading

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