Lech l’cha: Waiting for a plane

airplaneI’m sitting in an airport coffee shop, very early in the morning, waiting for my plane to go back home.  I always think of traveling when I think of “lech l’cha”, of course;  Abraham gets a call from God saying, “Go!  Leave your country, your birthplace, your father’s house, and go to a place I will show you.”  So he gets up and goes.

Very vague, God.  Too vague for me.  I like to know where I’m going, and I leave it to the pilot to get me there.  I am the person who gets to the airport really early, so I have time to settle in, get some coffee, and relax.  Which is why I’m typing this waiting for my plane…I have the time!  There are those who feel that as long as you’re on the plane when the door closes, (you know who you are!), it’s good enough.  No thank you.

I’m not one for pondering the journey vs destination question.  It’s the destination;  that is, that’s my first response.  But the truth is I like to travel, and that must mean there are parts of the journey that I like, too.

I like the planning.  I like the travel itself.  I love to drive long distances.  I used to tour as a singer/songwriter, and I loved heading out on the road.  I had my music, I had my maps, but I had a destination and that was as important.  I like to have the destination.  I like to have my maps – or GPS – even if I decide to go off-map for a while, I have the map to get me back on track, literally.

I know there are those who have great stories from wandering off the path, taking things as they came, but I’m not a wanderer. I have travel stories, and I love them.  But they happened while I was on the way to somewhere, not just directionless.  Those sorts of trips make me uncomfortable.  There, I’ve said it.

So, God probably wouldn’t have contacted me.  You can be sure that if I were married to Abraham, I would have asked a LOT more questions.  Abraham was a better choice.  He seemed to have had the personality God needed…”just do it, it’ll be fine”.  God promised that Abraham would lead a great nation, and that came true.  But I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened if I had gotten the call.

Musings for a Lech l’cha morning.  Gotta go catch my plane.

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One Response to Lech l’cha: Waiting for a plane

  1. mimijk says:

    Perhaps not, but you could have led some great choruses..

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