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Welcome to 5772

  I like to do all my laundry before I pack for a trip.  I like to have all the dishes done before I start cooking. I like things to be ready when I’m about to start something new, like … Continue reading

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Nitzavim: Because I said so

You’re not the boss of me. It really does all boil down to authority, doesn’t it?  Who’s in charge, who’s authority we accept, to what extent do we challenge that authority?  We Americans, especially, have this in our DNA – … Continue reading

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Ki Tavo: Carrots and sticks

It’s a good day when your appliances work, and so do your joints. It’s a good day when there’s work to be done, and you have the ability to do it. It’s a good day when no doctor’s appointments are … Continue reading

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Ki Tetze: more thoughts for 9/11

The tears have been just below the surface all week. Some of you may know that I write these posts in advance, sometimes up to a week ahead.  I knew that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was coming up this … Continue reading

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Ki Tetze: Don’t forget to remember

Public corruption.  Saying one thing and doing another.  Public grandstanding vs private dishonesty .  The kind of social ills that spell the decaying of a society.  The crumbling social mores will turn into an avalanche and bring about the end … Continue reading

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