It’s Torah time! Happy Shavuot.

It’s “Zman Simchatenu, the happy time, the time of the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai.    It was quite an event.  So in honor of Shavuot, and with a nod to late night listmakers, I give you the Top Ten Reasons I Love Torah.

10 Any book that has talking donkeys and a voice from a mountain can’t be bad gotta love the sound and light shows, talking animals, the busy-ness of Creation and surprises thrown in here and there.  (PS….the story of the talking donkey is coming up in a few weeks,, stay tuned)

9  There’s got to be a reason these stories have stuck around all these years. – and the reason is that they resonate if you take the time to study them.  They’re still relevant.

There’s a certain predictablilty I find comforting in reading the Torah cycle year after year  You can’t step in the same river twice, and I’m a different person each time we come ’round the circle to read last years’ stories after (hopefully) this year’s growth.

The musician in me loves the whole trope (cantillation) thing….a new kind of musical notation, it’s fancy, it’s fun, it’s musical and I like playing  “trope midrash”, a game where you get to invent commentary based on the musical notation of the phrase.

6   To know I’m learning across time and space – On this day, around the world and for so many years, people have been studying this very same text.  Kinda makes you feel small and big at the same time.

5  I love a good story….so does God  ’nuff said. 

4   I love Constitutional Law here’s this document that lays out an entire social structure, and smart people have tugged and wrestled and found applications that the original author(s) never could have imagined…and it’s pliable enough to thrive (unlike Justice Scalia who thinks that the Constitution is a dead document, and I guess is afraid it will break if you work with it too much)

3    I like 3D    delineation, distinction and discernment
Life is chaotic, it helps to have a way to make order out of it.

2  Bibliodrama and making new midrash   Midrash is sort of like commentary, and sort of like being a fly on the wall and trying to fill in the blanks of the various texts.  It’s some of the greatest dialogue ever written, and role playing with amazingly dramatic moments is awe-some…and just plain fun.

And the number one reason I love Torah:  It’s always nice to know you don’t have the most dysfunctional family on record …read Genesis, say no more. 

Happy Shavuot!

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