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Chukat: How do I know I’ll miss you until you’re gone?

When the righteous are born, nobody feels the difference, but when they die, many are affected.  (Talmud)  When we’re born, who knows what we’ll accomplish?  It’s only after we die that what we did with our lives becomes clear.   That’s … Continue reading

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Korach: you say you wanna revolution

Moses woke up one day to his cousin Korach getting in his face about Moses being the only leader, and wasn’t the whole community holy, not just Moses?  Welcome to the parashah Korach¸this week’s Torah portion.  Korach had gotten 250 … Continue reading

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Shelach l’cha: Time to Move

My family lived in a little house in Skokie from the time I was born until I was eleven, and then we moved into the “new house” on the other side of  Skokie.  We lived in that house for many … Continue reading

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B’ha’lotcha: Lift the lamp, now let’s move!

“May the light of love be with you every day”.  That’s a quote from a song by one of my favorite songwriters, David Roth.  We’ve known each other a long time, and even though he may not think so, he … Continue reading

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It’s Torah time! Happy Shavuot.

It’s “Zman Simchatenu, the happy time, the time of the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai.    It was quite an event.  So in honor of Shavuot, and with a nod to late night listmakers, I give you the Top … Continue reading

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