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Tazria/Metzora – Laundry and a hot bath, good as new

I spent last evening with a remarkable group of people.  I was asked to speak to a conversion class – adults who have chosen to learn and study so that they might formally become identified as Jews.  This is no … Continue reading

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Shemini – eyes on heaven, feet on the ground

Blueberry pie. That’s the first thing I thought of when I heard that a person I knew had died this week.  She was the mother of high school friends, and she made the best blueberry pie.  Hers was a family … Continue reading

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Tsav – A little dab’ll do ya

Now we come to a lot of sprinkling and dashing and splashing and slashing….it’s  “sacrifice” time at ye olde Tabernacle in the wilderness.  But, “sacrifice” isn’t the right word at all; “offering” is better.  “Sin” isn’t a good translation, either.  … Continue reading

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Vayikra: Not magic, but do you believe?

Disclaimer:  I believe clapping makes Tinkerbell better.  I believe pixie dust can make you fly, and I cry when Tink flies from the castle at night.  I also believe that Hippogriffs can fly, I would love an invisibility cloak, and … Continue reading

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Pikudei: Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

Finally!  Break out the champagne, we’re done building the Mishkan!! Ok, maybe you’re not as excited as Moses would be – he’s been dealing with this project for the better part of fifteen chapters.  And it’s odd to think that, … Continue reading

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