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Va’era: Can you hear me now?

It’s ironic that I am at a loss for words when confronted with this particular parasha, Va’era. (Don’t worry, it passed, evidenced by the fact that this actually got posted!) This is when Moses comes before Pharoah, tries over and … Continue reading

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God’s elevator speech

I just came from a business networking meeting, so I’ve been thinking about introductions and “elevator speeches”.    How do you introduce yourself?  By name, I’m sure, and then what?  What you do? Who you know? Mutual connections?  We usually introduce … Continue reading

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I love you, my child…honestly.

My two grandmothers couldn’t have been more different.  One was tall and traditional; my sisters and I were absolutely brilliant. We used to tease her, saying that even if we became ax murderers, she’d see us as the very best … Continue reading

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“I just need a moment” – Joseph

The Bible makes a point of noticing when men cry.  So do we, I suppose; just consider the ink spilled about Bill Clinton.  We can easily assume there were many, many tears shed by women throughout Torah and all of … Continue reading

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Across the street, my neighbors are putting up their annual, over-the-top Christmas decorations.  You can see their house from space.  For the next two months, I only have to tell people I live across the street from them, and you’ll … Continue reading

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To market, to market to buy some nerot

Rabbi Nina Mizrahi is the Rabbi and Director of JCC Chicago’s Pritzker Center for Jewish Education.  You can read her weekly Shabbat messages at  Here’s what she wrote for Chanukah: How is it possible that, on the day of … Continue reading

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